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Direct Connect (API)

Citybase Connect

On the 17th April 2012, Citybase announced the release of Citybase Connect, an Application Programming Interface (API) that gives TMCs, HBAs and corporate travel departments real-time availability and instant booking of serviced apartments through their own existing systems.

"This is an industry first," commented Richard Lovelock, Director of Business Partnerships at Citybase. "More and more corporate customers are looking at serviced apartments as a cost-effective option to complement their hotel programmes. But until now, there was no easy way of incorporating them into their systems. Citybase Connect changes all that. Citybase Connect is the solution the business travel market has been waiting for."

Since its launch, there are now 10 TMCs in the UK providing their corporate clients with live apartment bookings via a connection with Citybase Connect.

The Turning Point for Serviced Apartments

Previously, serviced apartments have been a niche offering that always sat outside conventional booking systems. With Citybase Connect, they’re going mainstream, giving corporate customers instant access to a wide range of flexible, cost-effective accommodation worldwide. Citybase Connect consolidates the serviced apartments market and makes it available in one place – in your existing booking system.

How does Citybase Connect work?

Citybase provides live serviced apartment booking content via an API interface called Citybase Connect. Any TMC or HBA can integrate Citybase Connect into their own booking systems, making the content available to their booking team and their corporate clients.

Our in-house teams and systems facilitate the end to end process of automatically booking serviced apartments. This includes direct feeds of rates and allocations from suppliers into our database, highly detailed and accurate apartment content which we update regularly, availability searches, instant booking and booking confirmation communications.

The benefits to TMCs & HBAs

Integration with Citybase Connect brings numerous benefits including;

Give your clients what they want. Corporates have been booking serviced apartments using all manner of methods, but what they really want is the ability to book through their TMC via the same system they use to book their hotels. All accommodation through the one system means efficiency, control, and consolidated MI.

Use existing client-specific rates, which can be easily loaded into our system in cases where your clients have established relationships with apartment suppliers.

Worldwide inventory. Citybase is constantly expanding its global portfolio of serviced apartments, all of which are quality checked and regularly reviewed. Some of that expansion is led by TMCs who work with us on specific client programmes in which we source new inventory in the required locations. Currently, Citybase offers the largest selection of UK corporate standard serviced apartments available.

The complete solution. With Citybase Connect, serviced apartments are right there in your system, and in your client’s self-booking tool. Our simple integration means you’re up and running quickly, with everything in one place, simplifying the process and eliminating duplication.

Seamless integration means that your organisation, not Citybase, is the booking provider for your client.

Comprehensive and flexible content. Citybase Connect gives you detailed apartment information, including rates, cancellation data, location, facilities, description and photographs. You have complete flexibility on how the data is retrieved and displayed. The booking data itself gives you a sound basis for visibility, control and management information.

The benefits to the Corporate

ALL accommodation in one place. Book serviced apartments instantly through your TMC or HBA via the same booking system as your hotel bookings.

ALL management information in one place. No more trying to reconcile management information from numerous different sources. All management information for all accommodation bookings come from one source.

New apartment programmes can be set up within Citybase Connect. Citybase works with its partners to accommodate all manner of specific client requirements including the sourcing of new inventory in any location in the world.

Existing apartment programmes can be integrated into Citybase Connect, including specific apartments which may not currently appear in the Citybase Connect inventory.

Client-specific negotiated rates can be loaded into Citybase Connect using a simple client code system.

Reduce off-policy bookings by offering your bookers and travellers serviced apartments in your main booking system.

Happier, more productive employees. Serviced apartments offer a more home-like environment, giving end-users the space and flexibility they need to be productive.

Further Information

For any questions, or to enquire how Citybase Connect can be implemented in your organisation, call Richard Lovelock, Director of Business Partnerships on 07904 653607.

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